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"A stunning personal documentary that has a very powerful universal message! intimate and captivating!"
- Dr. A Yakirov, Psychologist - Graduate of Harvard University

"Heartwarming! The message of this film, land of Exodus and Beauty, is one of peace and goodwill. The film compassionately explores the historic facts behind the 1923 Turkish-Greek Population Exchange and reveals an epic struggle for home and identity."
- Dr. K. Gonzalez - Lawyer-Mediator - BCIT

"An Emotionally Charged and beautifully made film. Inspiring and delightful."
- B. Egerton, Artist - Graduate of University of Windsor

"Shot in Turkey, it is fascinating to watch for its beautiful scenery and images, and the authentic and sympathetic characters that it introduces. Throughout traditional Turkish music enriches this documetarian delight."
- E. GŁn - journalist / Notre Anatolie

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